About me

Hello there! I am Clément Pinchedez.

Why blogging?

This is my personal blog. I am a programmer and I love programming. With this blog, my purpose is to post my thoughts on programming issues I came across and I found no or very few mention on the Web. Instead of keeping the solution for myself, I prefer to share it with others with the hope it will help someone someday :-)

My professional life

I am a software engineer working for Criteo, a French company based in Paris working in online advertisement, particularly developing solutions to display personalized banners on the Web. This job is quite recent for me but I can already say it is very exciting to see the technical challenges I see there.
Before, I was working for the travel industry, at Amadeus. I first worked on the Amadeus e-commerce products (like Website or online tools) used by to airlines and travel agencies. Then I moved to a division developing software for airports (e.g. air traffic control or ground handlers…).
As you may presume, I have a Java background. I touched other languages in my life, but let say Java is the language I use the most and the one I feel the most comfortable with.
But this is probably going to change in the coming years I guess…
I like to experience new technologies, as far as they eventually become pragmatic… Along with the posts I will publish to this blog, I guess you will see what are the techno I am playing with :-)
I have other professional experience (albeit limited since I was a student before working for Amadeus), just have a look at my my résumé if you want to know more.

My personal life

Me hiking
That’s me hiking in Nice countryside

I am a human being. I am also French and I live in Paris.
What I like:

  • programming stuff and blogging about it
  • hiking and taking pictures
  • traveling in France and in other countries
  • being curious about a wide range of subjects
  • writing in French – one of my dream is to write and finish a novel someday
  • running xor swimming after a day at work
  • good food
  • making list of what I like
  • playing flute/piccolo, although admittedly I am getting quite rusty lately
  • and, last but not least, my family, my friends and my girlfriend
Me at Machu Picchu
At Machu Picchu, Peru